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Have you built a life, career and family but feel like you are hanging on by a thread?

Do you want to make a career or lifestyle change but not sure how to execute?

Are you in a perpetual state of procrastination, not able to focus on your goals?

Sometimes we just get stuck ...

In an effort to break free of what is holding us back we search the Internet or spend thousands of dollars on self-help books and pricey seminars.  We may even reach out to family and friends for inspiration, only to find ourselves overwhelmed, exhausted, and still stuck.


The problem is very few people possess the internal motivation to do it all on their own and follow through on a daily basis to produce long lasting changes.

Going at it alone is the quickest way to become discouraged and give up! Even great entertainers, athletes, and CEO's don't do it alone.  Many have coaches or mentors guiding and influencing them along the way.

All of us can benefit from having an accountability partner to keep us on track.

That's where I come in...

As a former educator, fitness coach, recruiter, and hiring manager motivating, inspiring, and teaching have been part of my daily life for over twenty years.

My mission is to help you get clear on your aspirations and then optimize your mindset to be able to achieve them.

I do this by using a process that is a combination of acceptance and discipline based on proven psychological tools that produce sustainable results.

My clients generally include:

Young adults who are seeking a job but struggling with how to leverage their skills and present them to the working world

Individuals transitioning through a major life change who feel stuck and unable to move forward

Professionals who have innovative ideas but lack the skills and organizational framework to turn their vision into reality



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