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My daughter just graduated college with a BFA in Drama……….and she has a job!!!! She and I give a lot of that credit to Rikki and Higher Ground. She was able to talk her through the exploration of who she was willing to be in the next chapter of her life, with a focus on what she wanted in her future, not on what she feared! She made it safe and fun for my daughter to take a good look at herself, her accomplishments, her fears, her ambitions and come out on the other side confident and happy with herself. She saw the strength in herself that she was then able to convey to others. Rikki was by her side for the transitional time between college and real life and took most of the angst out of it, saving me a lot of late night calls. My daughter and I are thankful for the journey she is taking with Rikki. We can’t recommend her more highly!!

Clinical Psychologist And Thankful Parent

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